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About Us

A good quality coffee is the best in its aroma. The best cheeses are the ones that make the fermentation process the best. Galio Valve, we have been working diligently for years to ensure that the food we have in our lives is delivered to the end consumer in the best packaging in the right way.

First and only our manufacturing plant in Turkey into packages of coffee beans, olives and cheese plastic valve mounted in the tin are produced.

These valves, which are produced on machines of our own design, ensure that the food completes the fermentation process without damaging the packaging. In our innovative product, no air and moisture inside the package are discharged while no material is entered into the packaging.

Regarding to our product, which we often cannot see because it is hidden inside the packaging, the products maintain their freshness and quality.

Necessary works are carried out and first shipments are made in order to increase the export share, which is our 2020 targets. the company holds 90% share of the domestic market in Turkey for many years in the hands of our sales are now increasing its production capacity through the machine and the rise in exports.

Company Name: Tnc Ambalaj San. Tic. Ltd. Sti.

Address: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 5.Cadde No: 17 70100-Karaman

Phone: + 90 507 299 48 38




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